Adidas takes a new spin on marketing for their Originals x Palace’s new Pro trainers.

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

It would appear that Adidas has cracked the advertising code to satisfy product developers, merchants, CEO, CFO’s, and retailers alike! We’ve been listening to them for years, always asking us marketers to simply show the product, as if that would hypnotize consumers into buying. Adidas has simply put that idea together with their historical and hypnotic new spot for Adidas Originals x Palace’s new Pro trainers.

Within the spot, muscian MCs D Double E of the Newham Generals play hypnotist, asking the viewer to “look at the trainers,” explaining “everyone looks good in these trainers, your mum looks good in these trainers” and “almost definitely one of the best trainers to come out this month.” As the viewer becomes transfixed, the video gets funnier and weirder with Syrian musician, Omar Souleyman, closing the deal at the end.

The Impression is pretty sure the Adidas CFO added subliminal instructions in there to drain our bank accounts and pawn anything we could get our hands on to buy more Adidas Originals x Palace’s new Pro trainers. We’ll find that part for you after we get back from the bank.

Director | Lev Tanju
Talent | MCs D Double E, Omar Souleyman