Alexa Chung Returns for an Awkward Parisian Dinner Party in AG’s Spring 2017 Fashion Film


For AG’s Spring 2017 campaign we see the return of Alexa Chung playing her usual charming self, following the success of their previous collaboration in Fall of 2016. This time around we follow Alexa as she humorously stumbles her way through Paris and arrives at a rather memorable dinner party, entertaining us the whole way. Under creative direction from Johnathan Crocker, the film exists in the spirit of “La Nouvelle Vague,” French New Wave films of the late 1950’s and 1960’s and calls back to that movement with it’s documentary style, fragmented editing and long, drawn out takes.

Following a series of establishing shots of the city of Paris the film begins with Alexa in the back of a cab trying her very hardest to tell the driver exactly where she needs to go. She clearly does not speak French well and this dilemma continues at the dinner party she attends which leads to some solid laughs as she attempts to answer questions from the other guests to which she can only respond in completely botched French until she finally gives up and speaks in plain english.

Following some goodbyes we see the woman who was sitting next to Alexa approach her and complement her AG pants. This comes full circle as the film concludes with the woman asking to go shopping with Alexa to which she responds that they should go check out AG as Alexa gives one final sly look at the camera.

With this and their previous Fall 2016 campaign AG seems to have really hit their stride in these films featuring Alexa Chung. Her personality is both magnetic and relatable and her humor is consistently spot on as well as wildly entertaining. Her presence combined with the strong creative direction of these campaigns seems to have hit the perfect balance of amusement and style and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.



Creative Director | Johnathan Crocker
Model | Alexa Chung
Assistant Director | Charlie Hicks
Director of Photographer | Jacques Naude
Post Production | The Mill