AG teams up with Berger & Wild to help Alexa Chung Make a New Friend


For the fall re-teaming of LA based AG and celebrity Alexa Chung, the crew at Berger & Wild, took boredom to historical heights with their latest fashion film.

The film follows an excited and anxious Alexa Chung, who while staying in New York, is unable to connect with any of her friends. After leaving a series of rambling voicemails for friends to come out and play, and with a last ditch call to her own mother only to be cut short by her, Ms. Chung finds herself alone in her hotel flat facing a sea of boredom. Her TV won’t turn on, her iPhone has no meaning, and even her blanket wrapped around her as an imaginary play thing can’t cure the stillness in her mind. However, a quick order of “one of everything” from room service quickly introduces our heroine to a new playmate, the silent but charming bell boy.

With a nod to both Quentin Tarantino’s Four Rooms, and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, the bell boy soon finds himself as Ms. Chung’s new bestie as she reaches out for a playmate to bring her towels, then soap, then check under the mattress, and essentially keep her company. The bell boy, played superbly and silently by Reuben Menacer, bears a striking resemblance to Berger & Wild’s very own Magnus Berger as he empathetically plays along to entertain Ms. Chung.

The piece is extremely entertaining as it touches upon the universal theme of loneliness and our constant desire to connect while using humor as a vehicle. And it positively connects the viewer with AG, endearing AG to the consumers who too wish for a brand to entertain and understand them.

Kudos goes to Ms. Chung who wisely knows how to make a caricature of herself that is as powerful, frail, and all too human. The film wisely puts fashion into the story rather than being the story. And The Impression has to hand it to the team at Berger & Wild as we think they really are driving fashion because if they keep this level of connectivity up, customers will eventually call upon AG and ask for ‘one of everything.’

Agency | Berger & Wild
Creative Directors | Magnus Berger & Tenzin Wild
Director of Photography | Jacques Naude
Photographer | Theo Wenner

Talent | Alexa Chung & Reuben Menacher
Stylist | Stella Greenspan
Hair | Edward Lampley
Makeup | Charlotte Day
Set Designer | Daryl McGregor
Producer | Helena Martel Seward
Location | James Hotel in New York City