Primark Brings Christmas Home


Primark is giving us Wes Anderson vibes as they enter into the holiday season with their Christmas campaign.

From creating perfect symmetry and balanced objects, to utilizing miniatures and single color schemes, Primark’s holiday campaign feels to us like the visual styling of film director/producer and Academy Award nominee, Wes Anderson.

This campaign opens with the wrapping of gifts with love, from Primark, and the packing of suitcases as friends begin their journey home for the holidays, folding and placing everything perfectly into single-colored bags/boxes (hence the perfect symmetry feel and single colors). The picture shown on the wall of a big white house represents what will be shown at the end, the actual house featured as the destination, and the train set represents how the friends will be shown getting to their destination. This style of directing using miniatures is one of the approaches Anderson is famously known for.

So bring Christmas home where it belongs and bring along Primark, with love. There’s no place like Primark.