Apple releases three new TV spots touching on the emotional side of tech

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

To coincide with the first day the Apple Watch is available, the firm has released a trio of new emotionally charged ads by the brand’s in-house marketing team and TBWA/MAL for the highly anticipated timepiece.

Perhaps no other brand in the world has become as strong a ‘love-mark’ as Apple. Part in parcel because their products are designed to help users live their lives (via the tool I’m writing this on) or perhaps because the brand has a rich history in emotional advertising. Either or, the brand has released three dialogue-free spots which touch on the emotional aspect of the tech and show how the Apple Watch complements our humanity.

The minute long ads entitled ‘Us,’ ‘Rise,’ and ‘Up’ splice together vignettes of everyday rituals from around the globe. Each spot touches on elements of one’s day, starting with ‘Rise’ showing how Apple Watch can enhance our morning routine. Likewise, ‘Up’ shows an action packed day full of meetings, the gym, standing up, or giving archaic technology like cars a shove. Ultimately the spots, like ‘Us,’ are designed to show how the watch and technology brings us closer together in a literal ‘heartbeat.’

While many questioned if a technology brand could market in the emotionally driven, luxury fashion space, it would appear that by Apple is wasting ‘no time’ in answering that question.




Agency | In-House & TBWA/MAL