ASICS’s TV Spot with tennis star Gael Monfils

By Danielle D’Onofrio | The Impressionist

Athletic brand ASICS has taken today’s sport of gladiators, tennis, and reinterpreted it as urban warfare for their latest European TV spot. The spot by 180 Amsterdam target lovers of tennis is just in time for the French Open in a co-advertising campaign with international sporting goods retailer, Intersport.

The video begins with Paris born tennis star Gael Monfils casually walking when suddenly he is shot… with a tennis ball. Monfils sprints into a warehouse with only his ASICS tennis racket and ASICS new Gel Resolution 6 sneakers to defend himslef against his attackers, who are armed with military style tennis-ball launchers.

“It’s a tough game. Go smash it” is the slogan for the campaign with Monfils, who is currently ranked 15th in the world. The video as well as the print ads do well to place Monfils in an urban environment, contrasting to the typical pristine country club courts, to make the brand more accessible. Monfils in addition is featured wearing modern, colorful ASICS apparel as opposed to the sterile white garb tennis players usually don.

While the spot feels a bit like a video game as Monfils smashes his assailants, The Impression likes the spot and hopes he also smashes his competition this summer.


Agency | 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Chief Creative Officer | Al Moseley 
Creative Director | Dean Maryon 
Copywriter | Joe Craig 
Art Director | Tony Bartolucci 
Producers | Susan CookNeil HenryPhil Smart 
Assistant Producer | Davide Janssen 
Project Manager | Phil Smart 
Editor | Fiona Fuchs 
Offline Producer | Claire Ford 
Post Production Company | Darlings Amsterdam 
Head of SFX | Robert Okker 
Producer | Violeta Nikolova 
3D | Robert Okker, Rob Wuijster, Alex Doss 
Live Action Production Company | Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs Amsterdam 
Director | Thor Saevarsson 
Executive Producer | Jelani Isaacs 
Producer | Sytske Rijkens 
Director of Photography | Baldur Eythorrson 
Photographer | Ben Ingham 
Producers | Matthew LawesLisa Bennett 
Post-Production company | 180 Amsterdam 
Retouching | Loupe
Music | ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller’ by Kaleo