By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Every year legions of fashions hopeful all find their way to fashion Mecca’s such as Paris and New York to get their foot in the door and begin their steep climb. And each and every one of them begins that ascent in the under-appreciated yet backbone-of-the-industry role as assistants. This month a fashion publication dedicated to championing their cause, aptly titled Assistant magazine, has been launched by a duo of 25-year-old assistants themselves, Brais Vilasó and Xim Ramonell.

The co-founding editors met at school and concepted their publication while holding roles as fashion assistants for the last four years at houses like Balenciaga. All the while being exposed to various assistant roles from stylist, designers, and photographers making for a rich myriad of stories to pull from.

The self funded debut issue features Game of Thrones up and coming 17 year old starlet Maisie Williams on the cover and includes interviews with Patrick Demarchelier’s assistant Brendan Burke, as well as Linda Fargo’s head executive assistant Jennifer Csengody.

The Impression chatted with the Paris based founders about how they met, transitioning from assistants to something more, and their hopes for the publication.


What inspired the launch of this magazine?
We were looking for a a fresh idea and we were working as assistants.  We were always curious about who was who, where they come from, and what they will they become? It was the idea to create something that could answers our questions and inspire at the same time the younger generation who wants to take over. As fashion magazine readers we are very tired, seeing more and more of the same. Big titles made by the same big establishment, resulting in different magazines that look exactly the same. Then there is the young ones trying to copy the big ones dreaming of advertisers (same as us!). We know you have to be part of the market if you want to survive, but we think it is important to stay focused on your ideas.

How did you two meet and come to form the magazine?
We met while working at school. We always wanted to do something together and we both knew it will be a magazine. We worked, we grew up and 2 years ago we started to work on the idea. We have arrived but the important thing is to stay!Assistant.003

What are some of the hopes you have for the magazine?
We hope it grows on its concept. Its not that hard to start. The difficulty is to stay, so we hope we make it!

How is working on your own magazine different from working on others?
You won’t ever love the others sons as you love yours. Its free, and so satisfying.Assistant.002

Assistant magazine is available in select magazine shops globally and at NY’s Marc Jacob’s Bookmarc.