Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain Collaborative Collection for H&M was a Moral Test for Fashion Sites

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Earlier this month the internet was ablaze with a Balmain lookbook lifted from H&M by a fashion blogger with a quick pair of hands and the foresight to grab what was likely a test post by the team at H&M. What ensued was a series of decisions by fashion websites to repost or take the high road and wait until the official release. Sadly most did the former.

Moral publishing conundrums in the day “insta-gratification” are enough to test even the most confident in their moral compass. The Impression took a pass on the repost and kept a tally. We are happy to report that in our survey of the fashion web landscape there was one giant that also took the high ground and respectfully waited for the official release, Vogue.com. And for that we would like to break a tradition and redirect you to Vogue.com’s post regarding the Balmain x H&M lookbook which includes an interview with designer Olivier Rousteing.

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