The Impression speaks with Founder Claudia Bruno and her team about their 2nd issue of Bare Journal magazine.

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist
In a time when plenty of publishers are converting magazines to catalogs or pure play digital properties, a handful of brave creatives are bucking the trend to launch imaginative publications that blend smarts and arts. The Impression spoke with one such team of adventurers, BARE Journal, about their sophomore issue, which is a hybrid of casualness and cool. The Impression sat with the team, including Founder and Creative Director, Claudia Bruno, as well as Co-Editors-in Chief, Emily Lundin and Courtney Saunders, to learn more about their approach, the magazine’s evolution, and new feminism.
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Congratulations on your sophomore publishing of Bare Journal #2. It’s been a while since we last caught up. So is what they say true? That the second issue is harder than the first?
Emily: The second issue was actually in many ways more fun and satisfying to produce than the first. We had a better idea of what works (and doesn’t), and a stronger sense of how to realize our vision for BARE. There is a genuine conversation occurring between the images and texts, and together they explore aesthetic ideas in a fresh light.

The magazine does have a freshness about it. How do you approach art direction of the magazine?
Claudia: One way is to continue to be inspired by references outside the fashion world. We are trying to define new ways to communicate fashion that underscore our belief that what makes fashion so interesting is bigger than fashion itself, because it is part of a larger conversation in art and culture. Also we work to introduce new takes on fashion stories that might begin with a texture or a technique, for example macramé, or a single item such as tights.

This forces us to redefine the content in a fresh way that is truer to our interests as editors and art directors. It permits a deeper exploration. In the end, of course, it’s all about collaborating with like-minded individuals who help us further the scope of Bare.

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So how has the magazine evolved from the first issue?
Emily: We have been pretty clear about the concept from the get-go. In fact, it was cool to see that our cover nearly matches initial ideas about the kind of fashion portraiture we’d like to include in BARE. Issue 2 has a unity and cohesion that comes closer to what we want to say with BARE.

With regards to what you want to say, does BARE speak to a new feminism?
Emily: Well, BARE is about exploring a particular approach to fashion and culture, one that we see increasingly represented by women we admire. There is a new feminism rapidly growing, one that embraces multiple – and open – definitions of femininity that evolve with the ways women live, lead and create.

How is BARE different from other magazines?
Emily: For what it’s worth, we do see ourselves more as a journal. Although each issue responds to the zeitgeist, to emerging ideas and aesthetics and to the new fashion of the season, we don’t feel the pressure to deliver news. We prefer the slow, thoughtful pace that print encourages, and that approach ends up shaping the content of each issue. Also, we genuinely believe that creative freedom brings stunning results.

Courtney: BARE offers an opportunity to work with artists, writers and photographers we admire – in a context of creative freedom. No rules, no retouching. There is also a distinct fashion perspective that reflects the understated yet eclectic way women want to dress now. Discreet yet daring, hi and low, mixing contemporary with vintage and sidestepping the overdone and ostentatious.

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Any favorite moments during its creation?
Emily: It’s always thrilling to order the stories – both fashion editorials and written – and see how they speak to one another. That’s a magical moment. It’s also magical when the individual pieces, the photos and essays, are designed. They then take on another level of meaning.

Congratulations again on the issue.
Claudia: Thanks Kenneth.


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