BARNEYS NEW YORK teams up with artist MARGARET LEE to bring a wink to their new windows


Exploring the shattering reality of todays society, artist Margaret Lee and Barneys New York have teamed up to develop art installations as windows that provoke thoughts and smiles to onlookers in New York City.

Lee, known for her 2015 show, “Closer to Right Than Wrong/ Closer to Wrong Than Right” teamed up with avid art collector Dennis Feedman, also Barneys New York’s Creative Director on the windows. The installations, which are both at Barneys uptown and downtown stores in NYC, feature domestic living spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms all with the tagline “Having It Both Ways.”

“Margaret Lee is known for exploring double entendre through her art and ‘Having It Both Ways’ is no different. The windows play into the concept of desire and consumption by showcasing art and fashion against rooms that are curated so perfectly they can’t be practical, like a kitchen floor lined with white faux fur,” Feedman told The Impression.

While we love the idea of a faux fur floored kitchen, we love the idea of playfully toying with the desire to reach flawlessness even more. Specifically when it done by New York’s retail arbiter of fashion that operates at a pinnacle positioning.

The irony that Barneys is winking at the struggle to project the ideal is not lost on us and that is the genius of a great retailer. Being conversation, being provocative, and being humorous, Barneys has found a way to have their cake and eat it too. All the while not dropping a crumb on that kitchen floor.


Photos | Tom Sibley