Bergdorf Goodman travels to Vienna for their latest magazine shot and gives us a reason to care.

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Bergdorf Goodman puts a new spin on the behind-the-scenes photoshoot genre by treating the city of Vienna as the scene to get behind. Art Director Aidan Kemp wisely takes the viewer on a tour of the iconic home of Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud rather than focusing the attention on the obvious process of hair, makeup, lighting and so on. The film features several of Vienna’s culinary highlights, including stops at cafe Demel, Central, and Sperl, as well as the making of Spanish mackerel ablaze and arctic char cooked in beeswax. The result is a catchy short that satisfies both the BG audience as well as the powers that be who approve the travel budget. Overheard at the budget scrutinizing travel department of BG, ‘Well played, Mr. Kemp . . . well played.’


Art Director | Aidan Kemp
Photographer | Arnaud Pyvka
Director/Editor | Maximilian Imrie
Model | Daphne Groeneveld
Stylist | Anne Christensen
Hair | Roberto Pagnini
Makeup | Rie Omoto