by Jordana Urman | Impressionist

Whether it’s your weekend brunch favorite, your go to happy hour classic, or nightcap after a grueling day of work, fashion blogs have become an intoxicating part of your day. Just like everyone needs happy hour, every fashionista needs at least one blog. Fashion blogs should be a required beverage for the workaholic as well. Social media is becoming the most up to the minute resource for fashion trend commentary and, with an increasing number of blogs encouraging reader feedback,  a free market survey for those who are written about be it brands or designers. Who can pass up a free drink?

In any event, here is my Top 10 cocktail menu in no particular order, based on style, uniqueness, and popularity.

Always remember, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so bottoms up!

Purse Blog

The Cosmopolitan focuses on “designer handbags and accessories”. A blog on handbags and shoes (as well as discussions about health, family and relationships) is reminiscent of the iconic Sex and the City, making this blog, the Cosmopolitan. Written by Meaghan Mahoney Dusil and Vlad Dusil, its mix of images and writing goes down pretty smoothly. The writing is fun and upbeat and it features both articles about website redesign and handbags sported by celebrities. Purse Blog compiles every update about handbags you need onto one cleverly written site.

Of a kind

The White Russian, much like a White Russian, is a refreshing concept that is easy to drink (coffee, vodka, and cream? pretty innovative). Of a Kind was created by Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo. Featured in WWD and USA Today, Of a Kind sells products on its blog site and has become the first company to sell product on Tumblr. This blog is all about limited edition pieces by on the rise designers. When asked what differentiates this blog from the others Cerulo said “At Of a Kind, we sell the pieces and tell the stories of super-talented, up-and-coming designers—so you can read all about the limited-edition pieces that you buy from us.” The goal is to give you as much information as possible about the new designers so that you can understand their unique perspective and background. The writing is fun and edgy and the concept is different and daring. A great resource for introduction to new designers.


The Scotch is dedicated to “fashion, art, music, and culture” for men. A modern and trendy men’s fashion blog, highsnobiety is sleek and fashion forward. By combining the aforementioned topics, highsnobiety earns its spot on the top ten. The presentation as well as articles are geared for the young, trendy, and high powered male readers and are, for lack of a better word, cool. The pictures are sleek and give a look into the fashionistos world. Just like the guys guy drink, scotch, this site is all man.

Blonde Salad

The Limoncello, run by Chiara Ferragni, is an Italian fashion blog written in English. Ferragni has classic Italian style, strong, sleek, a bit of an edge, but no bitterness. The Blonde Salad has many different components that make it a spicy read. Her incredible sense of style mixed with her travels and gorgeous Italian backdrops make for a beautiful blog. She documents all of her travels by taking fashion photos in each place and writing little blurbs to go along with her “photo diary”. Her style is flawless and elegant. Much like Limoncello, her blog is fun and tangy.

Refinery 29

The White Wine like white wine, is a smooth classic. This blog covers all the basics from fashion to beauty, to celebrity fashion, to new retail store openings. This blog has a large team in order to produce many articles that not only state the basics but also create discussion. Articles range from funny to serious thereby offering the reader a choice of grape for whatever mood he/she is in. With all topics being covered, this blog is a standard blog to turn when in need of something to help you chill.

The Satorialist1

The Red Wine

An elegant blog, The Sartorialist founded by Scott Schuman, is full and has depth for the everyday fashionista as well as the fashion industry executive. This blog captures everyday style from all over the world through photography. Schuman not only captures the person, but the aura. His photographs can express mood as well as style. The Sartorialist’s street photography manages to tell a story needing little to no explanation. This blog may not give you information about celebrity style, but what it does give you, as the designer, or marketing officer, is an idea for your next line or campaign, making it very useful in the business.


The Polish Butterfly

Ralph Lauren once said; “fashion is over quickly, style is forever.” is all about style. This blog does not feature a “fashion” tab to click on, but rather a style tab. Hypebeast has a progressive style and an almost high tech feel. It includes an online video presence as well as articles. Like the Polish Butterfly, this blog glows and guarantees an exciting, fast paced night. ties music, art, design, entertainment, and style together to create a website with an edge and rapid pulse rate. This blog includes an online store with inventory ranging from bags to technology. Hosting multiple forums including “The marketplace”, this blog stands out as a blog focused on the visual and progressive future of the fashion industry. Beware, it can be dizzying if you take in too much at one time.


The Mojito combines many different flavors, much like the mojito. A mix between articles on high fashion and runway shows, art, beauty, and home, this blog also offers a DIY section. From food to candles offers many choices for your own creations. also features professional photographs of new designers’ collections along with a little description. This blog offers a little bit of a different taste than the other top ten by adding the DIY sections. All in all, the layout, style, and voice, land it a spot on the top ten.


The Margarita

This is for the ballsy fashionista. Like a Margarita, it guarantees you a fun night. A hilarious compilation of articles on high fashion, is truly a breed of its own. Founded and written by Leandra Medine, this blog focuses on trends men hate but women love for example, drop crotch pants. Medine has even began to compile music with little articles explaining the playlist. Her posts cover everything a gal could possibly look for in a fashion blog but adds a distinct new twist, pure and unadulterated humor. The Man Repeller is a must read for anyone looking for high fashion, but also looking for someone to say what we are all thinking.

Cupcakes and cashmere

The Daiquiri

Sweet and cute, is more of a personalized blog. Founded and written by Emily Schuman, this blog “documents the things she loves.” Aside from writing about food and beauty, Schuman also photographs her outfits everyday along with other outfits and divides them by season. Within her FAQ section she answers questions she has previously been asked, including many questions on how she got her start and any tips she may have. This is an interesting addition to a fashion blog because Schuman is making her business plan open to the public and giving genuine advice. Aside from her sweet personality, Schuman’s style is bright but at times edgy. Her personality and style land her a spot on the top ten fashion bloggers.

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