LLOYD & CO. captures the spectacular beauty of Sicily’s Grande Cretto of Gibellina for BOTTEGA VENETA’S Fall 2016 campaign


Bottega Veneta’s campaigns are nothing less than exquisite with their remarkable locations being at the core of their narrative. For their Fall 2016 campaign, Doug Lloyd and company, along with Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, team up to layer in a labyrinth as the backdrop to their latest campaign and video.

The campaign takes place in Sicily, Italy, at the Grande Cretto of Gibellina created by Alberto Burri. The monument stands on the ruins of the town of Gibellina which had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. The structure was built as a memorial to the town and is comprised of giant white concrete blocks that are 1.60 meters high (~5 feet). The cracks between the blocks create maze-like pathways. In their campaign, models Simon Fitskie and Rianne Van Rompaey strut through the maze, first as a pair, and then separate to take on the maze themselves.

What is truly remarkable about this campaign is how the Grande Cretto of Gibellina, which is pure white in color, acts as a blank canvas to which the models and the clothing they are modeling effortlessly pop against. The campaign exudes a sense of modernity and minimalism. As the camera moves out and shows us the structure from above, we are exposed to a pattern incredibly similar to Bottega Veneta’s widely used intrecciato pattern of woven leathers.

The structure of the Grande Cretto of Gibellina from above captures the aesthetic of Bottega Veneta perfectly. The minimalistic backdrop of this amazing monument enhances the clothing and captures the brand’s true elegance of modernity and glamour. The Impression admires the teaming of Lloyd & Co and Bottega Veneta for helping us enjoy the act of falling into the labyrinth of the campaign and pleasurably getting lost within it.




Agency | Lloyd & Co.
Creative Director | Doug Lloyd
Photographer | Viviane Sassen
Models | Rianne Van Rompaey & Simon Fitskie
Film Direction | Enrico Rosati of Llyod & Co

Hair | Syd Hayes
Makeup | Sam Bryant
Location | Grande Cretto of Gibellina created by Alberto Burri, Sicily, Italy