Burberry takes to INSTAGRAM to announce their Spring 2016 campaign and claim real estate

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

In yet another sign that the times are changing, Burberry took to their network of 5.4 million Instagram followers to announce their spring campaign. Mind you, the campaign had actually been revealed in October via a short-lived Snapchat session where lensman Mario Testing leveraged his iPhone.

What the one-two punch of technical reveals, is that Burberry once again proves they are out front of the digital landscape. A landscape that is not unlike the U.S. Land Run of 1893, where those settlers who rushed first to claim plots of available real estate were well rewarded. Burberry has been rewarded well for their mental land grabs, resulting in a network with enough scale to make campaign announcements. Burberry’s hold in digital is the equivalent of the Rockafellers’ land holdings in the early 20th century.

The irony is that the space is open to the public, easily available, democratic, and ripe for disruption. While the Rockafellers had to drop a pretty penny for their prime real estate, digital real estate has a low cost of entry, making it accessible to any with imagination. And kudos goes to Burberry as they have been imaginative. And quite snappy.



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Photographer | Mario Testino
Models | Ruth Bell, May Bell, Misha Hart, Eliza, Bella Yentob, & Dylan Brosnan
Stylist | Elliott Smedley