CALVIN KLEIN floats, burns, and loses the hashtag in SPRING 2016 ADS


Calvin Klein Jeans’ new campaign for its limited edition capsule collection has us dreaming of whites on the beach and wondering what happened to the #mycalvins hashtag. The campaign features model Stella Lucia and internet personality Cameron Dallas, who tweeted his dream of one day starring in a Calvin Klein campaign back in 2011. The all-white collection features the heritage tone-on-tone CK logo displayed on the sportswear-inspired mix of sweatshirts, tops, track pants, and shorts.

The images are fun and bright and the easy, seaside backdrop pairs well with the relaxed shapes of the limited collection. Seeming to have all the elements custom for a Calvin Klein Jeans campaign, there’s one huge thing missing- the hashtag. On Calvin Klein’s Instagram, the hashtag is still there both in the video post for this campaign and in the caption (and all their other captions), but is absent from the images.

This is the third recent collection campaign, following Collection and Platinum Spring 2016, both of which included #mycalvins in the campaign images. Before the Calvin Klein Jeans capsule collection was Platinum Spring 2016. This campaign was hot, literally. The images feature models Sung Jin Park, Hyunji Shin and Yuan Bo Chao in front of a mountainous backdrop decorated with flames. The models’ strong looks were complemented by the equally intense heat and energy of the location.

First of the three was the Spring 2016 Collection campaign. Starring models Hanne Linhares, Sophie Rask, Frida Westerlund and Laura Sørensen, the black and white images are also shot with a mountainside background. The models look almost ethereal wearing long dresses and drapey knits while gazing into the wind.
Although the Collection and Platinum campaigns were vastly different in aesthetic and theme, they were still tied together with #mycalvins.  That’s why it’s so noticeable that the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign is without it. We’re interested to see if the hashtag will reappear in future campaigns, or if the brand is done with it. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the absence of a hashtag is a newsworthy item in the first place. Calvin Klein has clearly been immensely successful thus far in tapping into the social media obsession, wrapping the staple hashtag and use of celebrities in ads all into one explosive marketing strategy over the past few years. There’s now hundreds of thousands of pictures on Instagram tagged #mycalvins.

Perhaps the brand simply deemed the hashtag unnecessary for this latest relatively simple, monotone collection. Or perhaps this marks the house’s possible phasing out of the #mycalvins marketing strategy (from imagery at least). Although a genius tactic thus far, Calvin Klein surely doesn’t want to run the risk of overdoing it or approaching that point where the hashtag becomes the attention point rather than a support to the collections.

Agency | In-House
Photographer | Jack Pierson
Models | Cameron Dallas & Stella Lucia




Agency | In-House
Photographer | Harley Weir
Models | Hyun Ji Shin & Yuan Bo Chao
Stylist | Max Pearmain
Hair | Cyndia Harvey
Makeup | Lauren Parsons
Set Designer | Colin Donahue


Agency | In-House
Models | Dillon Westbrock, Frida Westerlund, Hanne Linhares, Laura Sorensen, Mitchell Slaggert, & Sophie Rask
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Hair | Jimmy Paul
Makeup | Lauren Parsons