French Model Caroline de Maigret Channels Coco Chanel in the Third Gabrielle Campaign Short Film


Chanel has released the third chapter of its Gabrielle campaign that has seen actress Kristen Stewart let loose in a dimly lit warehouse and model Cara Delevingne skateboard in an animated short. The series that supports the new Gabrielle handbag explores the identity of Chanel and how it fits seamlessly with all walks of life.

The third iteration stars Caroline de Maigret, who provides a small glimpse into her life and career in the film. Directed by Olivier Assayas, the short film is shot in a single take and follows the French model on set for a photo shoot. Caroline gets acclimated to the space and makes herself at home before she dons the Gabrielle handbag and becomes her confident, comfortable self in front of the camera.

Like the previous short films from the series, the third chapter has a moment where the name Gabrielle is written in script on a mirror or glass. The moment is very significant, showing that Coco Chanel’s presence is felt in the films and is even channeled by the three women that appear in the campaign.

The French model comes to life when wearing the Gabrielle handbag, much like Stewart and Delevingne in their respective films. The three women live much different lives, but they all live to their fullest with Gabrielle.


Director | Olivier Assayas
Model | Caroline de Maigret