By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

In brainstorms across the land the idea has been tossed up of doing a “model search contest” to cast the next campaign’s talent. There are a million reasons to shy away from such a feat from the challenge of shifting through the volume of submissions to the awkward photos one finds in your inbox. However, the biggest reason The Impressionist has found to shy away from a model search is that the talent pool isn’t well spoken and ultimately the press isn’t interested in the model-next-door, as they would rather cover celebrity.

However, in the hand of casting director extraordinaire Anita Bitton, a #CastMeMarc model call discovers some real gems who can in fact project on camera as well as on mic. And because each of these talents has social media reach, they gain more “press” than the traditional press could a number of years ago.

Before rushing to the internet to find some ‘low cost’ models for your next campaign, let’s review why this works for Marc. First, and most important, it fits with the brand whose core customers are influencers in the digital space. Second, the professionals behind the brand know how to make the most out of both the internet and nascent talent. David Sims is prolific and experienced in bringing out the best in newbies. Also, the campaign doesn’t focus on a singular person with multiple images so the campaign doesn’t feel repetitive. Third, the graphic design and art direction allows for talent, who may not be experienced in front of the lens, to shine. Fourth, they use one of the strongest stylists in the business with Katie Grand. Last, Anita Bitton vetted this group who, for the most part, are not shy and can come alive on camera.

So after taking a look, one can see that it takes a village to pull off a model search from casting to finishing. Which is something you never hear discussed in brainstorms and we encourage it. The “who” behind the campaign is as important as the “whom” in the campaign.


Creative Director | Marc Jacobs
Photographer | David Sims
Stylist | Katie Grand
Casting Director | Anita Bitton
Talent | Ana Viktoria Dzinic, Toks Adewetan, Lindsey Lugrin, Kim Eunbi, Aaron Whitty, Nadia Kishlan, Amy Woodman, Abigail Lipp, Dylan Stephens, Mackenzie Cockerill & Jake Hold