Chanel Releases Vibrant New Fragrance Ad for Chanel Eau Vive

by Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

The new Chanel Eau Vive fragrance campaign has finally arrived! Since the 8 second teaser release on Monday, we at the Impression couldn’t wait to see what Chanel had to offer for this amazing signature scent.

The now 30 second video ad takes place in a chic bowling alley, casting playful shades of pastel and a sort of girlish-disco ambiance, all contributing to the youthful nature of the video, and perhaps even hinting towards the positioning of the perfume.

The ad also uses accapella singing, something very popular among Generation X, who has grown up with hit programs such as Glee and the hilarious movie, Pitch Perfect. The accapella singing of the words “take a chance on me” produces a more lively and bold, feminine feel within the setting, especially when paired with beautiful, Chanel-clad models bowling for the latest perfumes.

Sign us up! We’d surely #takeachance on you, Chanel.


Director | Jean-Paul Goude
Models | Rianne Van Rompaey, Sigrid Agren, Cindy Bruna, & Romy Schonberger
Original Soundtrack | Eric Spring, Alexandre Pellet and Julien Vichnievsky