Our Look at the New Chanel Rugby Ball and Chanel’s Wide World of Sports

By Rachel Smith

Karl Lagerfeld is ready to tackle the Rugby World Cup, and while the image of Lagerfeld suited up and on the field is entertaining, sadly that’s not what we’re talking about. Chanel has released a new rugby ball for the eighth Rugby World Cup happening in England this month, crafted from its signature leather with the logo stitched on the side, these balls look like they belong on the desk in The Impression’s office rather than on the field.

Chanel has always been a smart marketer, and since sports and the viewing of sports play such a prominent role in society, the house has wisely developed public relations fodder via releasing one-off specialty sports items. The house of Alexander Wang has also played in this arena with their Objects Collection.

The fashion house decided it was time to play ball, and released this new rugby ball to the public. With this new release, Chanel adds to its already extensive collection of sports equipment, proving that just because you’re working up a sweat doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. But don’t step up the goal line just yet, Coco Chanel was allegedly a big sports fan, and she gets first dibs on these new toys. The balls are being made in four colors: white, burgundy, navy blue and black.


Chanel Rugby Ball Photo



The release of the new rugby series sparked our interest in those Chanel surfboards, which in turn moved to Chanel snowboards, which in turn led to Chanel skis, which in turn . . . you get the idea. Here is a look at some of the smartest one-off speciality products around. Clearly, Chanel knows how to play the game.