Christian Dior took full advantage of Snapchat for their Cruise Show


While there are plenty of ad campaigns that many wish would simply disappear after 10 seconds, Christian Dior’s Snapchat campaign for their recent cruise show isn’t one of them.

As fashion houses look to meet consumers where they live, many marketers are trying to carve out even a nanosecond of relevance amidst the plethora of Instagram posts, tweets, and Facebook updates that consumers are bombarded with daily. With many brands just now finding their footing in Twitter and Instagram, along comes Snapchat to throw them off balance, and now marketers are faced with the challenge of making an impact with content that disappears in seconds.Christian Dior cruise show snapchat-3

For their recent cruise show held in Pierre Cardin’s “Bubble Palace,” Christian Dior took on that challenge by pulling back the curtain on the show via Snapchat, knowing full well it is the third most popular social app among 18-34-year-olds (behind Instagram and Facebook, but ahead of Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine). The house captured pre-show hair and make-up prep, models hamming it up pre-show, designer Raf Simons casually talking about his inspiration, the arrival of celebrities, the show itself, transportation to the afterparty, and the afterparty itself.Dior cruise show snapchat-2

Because the medium wasn’t designed to live forever, the house showed a side of itself that it rarely does, ‘Au Naturale.’ Gone were the elaborate lighting, staging, and retouched images we’ve come to know from the luxury fashion house. In their place was a refreshing, surprisingly youthful approach to fashion that was both endearing and entertaining.

While many brands still struggle to determine what application and content makes strategic sense for their brands, Christian Dior simply got out there to bask in the millennial limelight. And while the images themselves may be fleeting, the emotional connections they brought to the brand certainly are not.Dior cruise show snapchatChristian Dior cruise show snapchat - 6Christian Dior cruise show snapchat - 5Christian Dior cruise show snapchat - 4