CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Unveils Key-Item Campaign Featuring the Item as a Personality


Christian Louboutin has successfully tackled the seasonal dilemma of promoting a single key item, by creatively giving the item its own personality in their latest fashion film.

In a series of vignettes Christian Louboutin’s Eloïse handbag is treated as an actual person. Eloïse is seen being interviewed, mobbed by groupies, primping in front of mirrors, and eventually releasing a post that breaks the internet (literally an iPhone is smashed to pieces). Rather than speak for herself a Frenchman narrates with admiration, speaking highly of Eloise’s sophistication and vainness, “she loves herself, she always has, and it’s a very good thing…”

And it is in fact a very good thing as key items are always a challenge, but the wise team at Christian Louboutin have found an innovative solution to the seasonal problem. Who wouldn’t want a product so glamorous that it becomes the star of an interview and is surrounded by adoring fans? And after all, isn’t that the fantasy of many of the consumers? The Impression admires the wit and originality behind the films, as well as the ultimate relatively that Eloïse creates between her and those who want to own her.

You’re so vain, Eloïse, but we love the thinking behind you all the same.

Director | Ali Mahdavi