Armani Goes Down Under Selecting Sydney Film School for Latest Project

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Giorgio Armani’s second edition of his Films of City Frames creative, representing his eye wear collection, features the work of students from Sydney Film School. He has been “eyeing” them, along with three other contenders from around the world to participate in this project, and decided on Sydney Film School. It’s no secret that students greatly contribute to the advertising of brands around the world, and Giorgio Armani “sees” that.

Scuola Holden in Turin, Academia Internacional de Cinema in Sao Paulo and Seoul Institute of the Arts were runners-up for Armani’s project. Entitled Frames of Life, named after the Giorgio Armani Eyewear Collection, this film gained massive points in the industry. It was shown at the 59th BFI London Film Festival and the screening was supervised by Academy Award Winner Dame Helen Mirren.

Sydney Film School alumni Chris Joys and Martina Joison were the ones “behind the lenses,” creating an imaginary universe surrounding the eyewear collection. Calling it Clarity, the film focuses on the meeting of a painter and blind photographer, and their working together inspires the painter to look at life in a completely different way.

The success of this project further shows us here at The Impression how important it is for brands to use all of their resources, and how schools are an extremely important resource for them. Students are advertisers and are also the fresh new faces and brains emerging in the industry.

Giorgio Armani might have had to go down under for this project, but we “see” that it was worth it.