Coach’s New Dancing Dino Makes Holiday Mischief in Fashion Film


Coach is roaring into the holiday season this year with a prehistoric friend, Rexy, starring in the brand’s new holiday film directed by Bryce Wymer.

The under a minute short takes place one snowy night in Coach’s magical, New York City workshop, where Rexy, the leather dino, is created. When the workers leave to go home and the shop is locked up, Rexy comes to life, creating mischief and fun all on his own. This destructive dino tears through presents, destroys ornaments and stomps on everything in sight as only a T-Rex could, only pausing to throw himself a brief dance party before getting back to work. When Rexy catches a glimpse of a window that was left open, he decides to reign his terror out on the streets of New York City.

This holiday film shows that Coach is wise enough to have fun with its brand, even playing with the timeless carriage logo, having Rexy replace the classic horse image along with his own #RexyTheCoachDino. Coach is and iconic brand and in many ways the truest version of an American luxury brand. And that American ingenuity is on display here as the house knows just how to put a modern spin on itself adding humor, playfulness and build a character that helps the brand come to life. As we watch Rexy roam off the screen, Wymer succeeds in building a narrative worthy of a sequel. And while Coach’s new and unpredictable dino may be on Santa’s naughty list, he’s doing nice things for the Coach brand, pulling its carriage into a new exciting direction. It’s fun to watch the mighty roar.

Agency | In House
Director / Creative Director | Bryce Wymer
Director of Photography | Igor Martinovic
Editor | Jessica Ledoux
Producer | Julia Moore, Anna Borysewicz
Line Producer | Laura Morris
Art Dept | Elizabeth Jones
Lead Flame Artists | Corey Brown
CG Lead | Edward Shires
Color | Mikey Rossiter
Pencil Artits | Mark Yates
Music | “Dancing With Myself” The Donnas (B.Idol)
Production Studio | Mill+ | Bryce Wymer Studios
Executive Producer | Zu Alkadiri