Carine Roitfeld Does 72 Pages of “Fantasy Campaigns” for CR#6 out on March 5th

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Just ask any cast member of SNL, and they will be more than happy to share how fashion is ripe for parody. From Donatella to Karl, TV’s longest standing show has found comedic gold in spoofing everything over the years from Chanel to Calvin. With the launch of Carine Roitfeld’s CR #6 issue on March 5th, fashion’s own insider does her own wink at fashion advertising with 72 pages of “Fantasy Campaigns.”

A little faux fashion never hurt anyone and we find the idea long overdue. We’d actually love to see a magazine with paid ads rather than editorial versions entirely done by the publication rather than the brand. In the right hands of course. Perhaps for Carine’s Issue #7?

CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-10 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-05 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-03 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-02 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-14 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-17 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-11 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-06 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-15 CR-fashion-book-number-6-mock-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-16