Cynthia Rowley experiments with fashion show format for her spring 2016 collection

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

Cynthia Rowley has taken fashion shows to the next level, literally.  With the help of phantom drones, a few models, and a gorgeous beach in Montauk, fashion shows are taken up into the sky to showcase the collection in a unique and creative way.

Cynthia and her team wanted to do something different, something no designer has ever done before. They reached out to DJI, the creators of the Phantom drone, the premier makers of quad camera aerial stabilization photography to see if they would be interested in collaborating on the project. The video opens up to a breathtaking aerial view of Montauk, New York, where it shows the serpent-like shape of the makeshift metal runway Cynthia and her team have created. The drones catch the models as they walk down the runway, showing angles the human eye could never see at a standard runway show, and sometimes even showing each other. The relaxed, natural setting of the beach gives a new dimension to the contemporary collection.

I’ve been questioning the runway experience for several years now. How can we as designers be forward thinking in our collections yet still show our work in the exact same format every single season? For me, the end product has always been the images that are created and while the experience of being at a show is exciting for a select few, I wanted to create a shared experience through the use of new mediums.

– Cynthia Rowley

There have been numerous discussions around the democratizing of fashion shows, as consumers are after all the ultimate goal. Case in point, Givenchy’s recent New York showing which was a mix of both consumer tickets as well as industry. By creating a video show, Cynthia has thrown open the doors and invited the entire world in to view her collection.

The Impression applauds Cynthia’s forward marketing approach to the runway, literally taking herself outside the box and moving out into the open ocean air.