DIESEL and SPRING STUDIOS NY develop fashion’s most tailored Ad Campaign

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist
While many speak of ‘customization’ via high tech, the reality is that tailored messaging and ad campaigns haven’t really seen the light of day. However, this season the team at Spring Studios New York has delivered a fashion first for Diesel; a unified high fashion aesthetic campaign complete with messaging tailored specifically to the media and at times location.
We spoke with Richard Welch, Global Head of Strategy for agency Spring Studios, New York about how the innovative campaign came about, Tinder, Shazam, and being brave.


Richard, pretty smart and strategic campaign. Appreciate you taking the time to share with us the thinking behind it. So about that thinking?
Thanks. I guess you have to look at it from the perspective that Diesel is renown for being both a courageous marketer and somewhat rebellious in the fashion world. In some way you can say it’s an antifashion-fashion brand. Their motto and holding company name is “Only the brave” and Renzo Rosso has always lived by that and continues to do so. we wanted to understand in the world today and going forward what bravery is.

Bravery at one point in time in terms of marketing was being provocative, being disruptive. Like the amazing work that people did it in the 1990’s. Take Benetton, who were very provocative, they stopped people and made them question. We live in a world now where unfortunate things happen all the time and people have access to see them 24/7 from ISIS pushing off people of top of buildings to worse. Shock and disruption in that way, in being provocative, does not seem appropriate now. Things have changed and we wanted to relook at bravery.

Bravery, we believe, is really about being honest and transparent but not in a pious, wordy way but in a fun way. You have to look at the characteristics of the brand, and Diesel has always had the ability to poke fun at the both the category and also at itself. The idea for the campaign and the brand platform is ‘decoding’ essentially, breaking through by ‘telling it how it is’ and cutting through with an honest voice combined with humor. Adding on top of that, a really high fashion aesthetic. That was the core of the idea.

That idea made for some really dynamic copywriting tailored to the media, or the medium. From store barricades to taxi tops- how did that copy come about?
We worked with media agency and we asked about the buys to see what’s relevant to the Diesel audience.

In a world where we have all become extremely good at editing out messages because we’re receiving so many on a day-to-day basis, we tend to screen out communication from a brand when the tagline is consistency the same in every channel.

– Richard Welch

An image or a gif with the same line again and again, the line becomes apart of the background.

Diesel is a smart brand, our audience is smart, so we wanted to ensure that there was a contextual nature native to where the messages were placed.  So whether that was Tinder, Shazam, on top of a taxi top, or something at Buddha Bar we worked to develop unique copy for those specific locations.


Tinder and Shazam is fresh, was that Nicola who wanted to jump into those waters?
Certainly, Nicola Formichetti is very digital savy and has always been a tastemaker and progressive in that area. He is keen on the brand being where the audience is. We all spend more time on digital now than any other media. That was an important part of the campaign and will continue to be for next season.

We were all familiar with the platforms. We use them.

You use them?
Well not all of us, not all the time. (Laughs) But yes, we are all familiar with them- and the age that is associated with them. We appreciate that advertising and marketing can be seen as intrusive and we wanted to assure that we were entertaining in those environments. We wanted to ad a lift of joy and lightheartedness that users wanted to share and talk about. That was our idea; that if we were going to go into those places we were going to make it relevant and entertainment.


Thank you Richard, we appreciate the entertainment and smart marketing.
Thanks Kenneth.

Agency | Spring Studios, New York (US)
Creative Director | Andreas Neophytou
Stylist & Diesel Artistic Director | Nicola Formichetti
Photographer: Richard Burbridge

Models |
Sara Cummings | c/o IMD Modeling
Frances Coombe | c/o The Hive Management
Cora Emmanuel | c/o The Society
Irina Kravchenko | c/o Women Management
Sang Woo Kim | c/o Select Model Management
David Alexander Flinn | c/o The Lions
Ben Nordberg | c/o Next Management

Hair | Yannick D’IS
Makeup | James Kaliardos
Manicurist | Gina Edwards
Set Design | Anthony Asaro
Stylist Assistant | Davey Sutton
Studio | Spring Studios, New York (US)

Agency Credits

Copy Director | Tessa Mauclere
Art Director | Serena Wise
Account Director | Donald Stewart
Project Director | Michelle Jones

Producer | Maria De Luca

Production | Spring Studios, New York (US)

Post-Production | Norkin Digital Art