Dior Homme Renovates Parisian Building


French fashion house, Dior Homme, is getting a new house. Tailoring to the looks of both old world architecture and modern day design, Italian studio Antonio Virga Architecte has recently finished with the renovating of an old Parisian building, turning it into the new headquarters for Dior Homme.

The building dates all the way back to the 19th century, which would be why buildings in Paris look so beautiful. Back them, all structures had strict height regulations and had to be made from the same cream-colored stone. Dior’s new headquarters are located on a triangular area right in between Rue de Marignan and the Impasse Bourdin passageway in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement. At 1,500 square meters, Dior Homme’s entire Paris based staff will be working there.

Looks to us like the combined talents of Antonio Virga Architecte and Dior’s very own architects were successful in designing a place that fits into the modern looks of today, but still keeping the classic looks of France we all love. We’re loving the new Dior building, homme is where the heart is!

Photos | Olivier Helbert