Dior’s Secret Garden Video is an Ode to the Night

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Following the release of Dior’s Secret Garden of Versailles recent print campaign featuring Rihanna, the house has released the accompanying video and our first thought – it is dark. Not the kind of darkness that hints of the macabre, but the type of darkness that inspires preludes and poetry.

In the video by Steven Klein, the viewer is pulled into a new type of Secret Garden of Versailles, that of the palace itself at night with a garden of chandeliers reflecting the rich teals and aubergines of the evening. The result is every bit as colorful and dramatic as the daylit grounds. Rihanna initially strolls into the palace as if she were as innocent as Alice entering Wonderland, but she comes out every bit the regal queen, projecting a full ownership of all she surveys.

The video is a new bent on the Secret Garden series, which often was literal and shot within the gardens during the day. The switch to the evening and inside the Palace is a strong change up and one The Impression welcomes. As Sting and The Police said, “Bring on the night, I couldn’t stand another moment of daylight.”

Photographer | Steven Klein
Stylist | Mel Ottenberg
Entertainer | Rihanna