By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Dolce & Gabbana get their matador on for Spring 2015 releasing the first designer fashion campaign video of the season. The duo continues to infuse a heritage of family and celebrations shown in their early campaigns featuring Linda Evangelista & Monica Belluci. Domenico Dolce lensed the campaign as he has done for a number of seasons now and the campaign combines their iconic Italian Mediterranean sensuality with Spanish influences. If anything the collection is a tad overwrought with those touches bordering on costume however the campaign is lighter and warmer than their fall efforts and leaves us saying “Olé.”




Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-1 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-2 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-3 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-4Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-5Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-6Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-7 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-12 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-11 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-10 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-8Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-13 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-14 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-15 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-16 Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2015-the-impression-17

Photographer | Domenico Dolce
Artistic Director | Stefano Gabbana
Models | Bianca Balti, Blanca Padilla, Irina Sharipova, Vittoria Ceretti, Misa Patinsky, Travis Cannata, Xavier Serrano and spanish bullfighter José Maria Manzanares
Hair | Oribe Canales
Makeup | Pat McGrath