Trey Laird & Peter Lindbergh team up with Donna’s Latest Fragrance Spot

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

Although the era of Donna is surely changing, the iconic namesake designer still offers one of her most personal of luxuries, her fragrance. Thus, the house is currently transitioning to focus on their strong license business, starting with the 21-year-old best selling women’s fragrance, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.

And who else would Donna go to for her latest campaign than her long-time creative collaboration partner, Trey Laird of Laird+Partners. The latest ad campaign stars Andreea Diaconu shot by the incomparable Peter Lindbergh, encompassing two things the Donna Karan brand has always been representative of – New York City and, of course, cashmere.

As a brand, Donna Karan New York evokes many things, but two stand out: the city, and a love of cashmere. Where a woman lives and how she feels. What’s outside and what’s inside, against her skin. For me, the two are forever intertwined. The Cashmere Mist relaunch is where her two worlds meet. The private and public. The luxury and the power. The softness and strength.

-Donna Karan

The edgy and sultry print and video campaign modernizes not only the fragrance itself, but also the current position of the Donna Karan brand – now breaking through the mist and rebirthing into something familiar, yet vastly new.

Photographed by my friend, the legendary Peter Lindbergh, the gorgeous Andreea Diaconu emerges from the city’s mist wearing the quintessential New York uniform: a black cashmere jacket and Cashmere Mist. Her skin is the only other element. Because for me, that’s what the Cashmere Mist experience is about: the sensuality of cashmere against bare skin. You see her city and you feel her softness. It doesn’t get more luxurious. Or more Donna Karan.

-Donna Karan

The campaign will break in major magazines and of course on social, including a 15-second teaser of the commercial  on model Andreea Diaconu’s personal social accounts prior to its broadcast launch.

Our main objective is to utilize the digital space to maximize awareness, create unique content and ignite continuous conversation. . . across multiple channels, including media, brand owned social and talent channels, and pulsing content throughout the product launch life-cycle.

- Andra Mielnicki
VP of Global Communications, Digital Marketing & Global Media, Estée Lauder

With that being said, the release of  the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist campaign could not be more timely, and a very smart marketing move to continue to drive the brand forward, through the mist, and into a great time of change and transformation.