A champion, role model, innovator, designer and empire builder, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG has always had a way with words. This season, the designer shares a few on her latest Spring 2016 campaign, strike that, ‘conversation,’ done in partnership with agency ALLDAYEVERYDAY.

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist

Diane, congratulations on the recent campaign. Full of big smiles and brightness. What can you tell us about it?
Can you still call this a campaign? It is a call to action that emphasizes our mission to enable women to be the women they want to be. My goal has always been to empower women in everything I do—as a designer, as a mother, as a philanthropist, as an entrepreneur. The story we are telling this season connects that essence of our brand with the woman of today, to start a conversation that encourages women to be themselves, using the rallying cry #youbeyou.

On the #youbeyou front, you worked with a new agency this season, Alldayeverday. How did you come together?
With the arrival of our new CEO, Paolo Riva, we began a dialogue with the millennial woman. We approached Alldayeveryday because they are this generation. They looked at our brand heritage and objectives with fresh eyes and had fun working with our team to create something that spoke to them. It’s a fresh way of presenting the prints and message of empowerment that have always been our brand.

That empowerment comes through in the copy, choice words. How did the copy come about?
Words are powerfuL and I always use them. We noticed that millenial women respond strongly to the mantras that have always guided my life, maybe because I started my brand when I was their age? Since these mantras are more relevant than ever, we wanted to include them. Paired with our prints, they really communicate the essence of our brand and our DVF woman, and they start a conversation around the multifaceted nature of every woman.

There seems to be a generational conversation taking place, too. Between you and Karlie, is this a subject that has come up with you frequently?
We are a love brand. It is always the daughters that bring the mothers back to DVF, after rediscovering their mothers’ wrap dresses and embracing them in a totally new and exciting way. DVF connects with millenials now because it has the authenticity and freedom that they crave! Karlie was the perfect choice for this campaign and she and I identify with each other so much. She is multifaceted, an entrepreneur, a supermodel, a philanthropist, passionate, fearless. She is totally the woman she wants to be.

Thank you, Diane. Look forward to seeing your upcoming women’s collection.


Agency | Alldayeveryday
Photographer | Angelo Pennetta
Model | Karlie Kloss
Stylist | Clare Richardson