Emilio Pucci put their prints on skateboards and their imprint on a short film

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

It looks like the house of Emilio Pucci is getting into a new skate of mind. The 100-year-old Florentine fashion house owned by LVMH has tapped into their affinity for prints to develop a skateboard collection that launched today.

The program was the brainchild of a Swiss art-school project that challenged students to “reinterpret the Pucci codes in innovative ways.”  Students delved into the houses archive to develop prints that played on Italian cultural motifs, including pasta and ice cream. The result is a collection of boards available on EmilioPucci.com for ~$570.

And while the skateboards are pretty ‘sweet’ it is the accompany video, Rolling With Emilio Pucci, developed by LVMH owned video site Nowness, that caught our attention. In the video, directed by Edward Housden, a wannabe boarder, played by Martha Rose Redding, befriends a duo of skaters for a day of adventure.

The piece is subtle, elegant, and whimsical with just the right touch of characterization that is often missing from fashion films. As the duo of skaters invite the waif into their fold, her desire to belong pushes her to the edge, literally. It is a endearing piece with touches of Wes Anderson-like moments and youthful exuberance.

The Impression likes Emilio Pucci’s new skate of mind and hopes to see other like-minded projects from the iconic house.


Director | Edward Housden
Model | Martha Rose Redding
Skaters | Harry Breen & Hritvik Sachdeva
Stylist | Alice Cuffe
Hair & Makeup | Mary Cuffe

Producers | Joanna Thapa & Anneka Haskins
Director of Photography | Andrew Fletcher
Editor | Edward Housden
Music | “Orange Juice Suite” by Paul Housden & “Privé” by Geno Carrapetta