EMPORIO ARMANI experiments with their latest video by RANKIN starring IMMY WATERHOUSE


The times are changing and if ever there was a sign that digital content is paramount in fashion marketers’ thinking, it is represented in the latest video by Emporio Armani.

The video is a stand alone piece, designed specifically for digital release, and done by none other than photographer/diector Rankin. More music than fashion video, the piece is an ode to late 60s/early 70s cinematography, feeling psychedelic as if it was lifted from an acid trip film sequence. The star of the video is rising starlet Immy Waterhouse, who has been tapped by Tom Ford to star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams in his upcoming feature, Nocturnal Animals. 

The idea of a stand alone video isn’t necessarily new, but what is new is that this piece was commission by Emporio Armani. Not necessarily the first house that comes to mind for unlocking the handcuffs of an artist and to test the waters of digital. The clothes are simply an accessory here and the randomness of the piece speaks to the times in which brands are exploring new ways to tell stories. What we at The Impression applaud is the risk by a house that has been fairly established in not taking any.

But we have always felt Mr. Armani has a right to lead, like his house did in the early 80s. Mr. Armani found his footing in film with another risk, American Gigolo, so it is only fitting that his next evolution is born from the same medium.


Agency | In-House
Director | Rankin
Actor | Immy Waterhouse