By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

As New York Fashion Week kicks off this Thursday, the city is warming up with activity and anticipation, despite Mother Nature’s attempts to dampen the fashion spirit. Models brave the elements to visit showrooms and casting agents across town all readying for a month of strut. There at every casting, fitting, and poster board is the ‘model card,’ fashion’s tool for model remembrance.

Season after season, agencies become publishers in their own right, creating show packages to empower their talent to brave the city’s casting call. This season, the team at Next Management kept the city in mind when they partnered with 18 year-old photography artist, Abdul Kircher, to challenge our notions of beauty for an industry that projects it. Kircher, who was born in Berlin, started his photography journey after making a venture himself in relocating to New York City.

I felt the difference once I stepped into New York. There was this eccentric feeling, feeling of home. I never felt so different and welcome(d) at the same time. Being different usually meant not fitting in – but not here.

Abdul Kircher

Kicher’s relationship to the city and its occupants – from homeless people to drug dealers to prostitutes – captured the attention of his lens and the eyes of the team at Next Management. As the designers work to help define beauty, the agency show cards from Next serve to remind us all that beauty ultimately is in the eye of the beholder.

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