We talked to the un-sung heroes of NYFW and asked four of New York’s top runway photographers and videographers how they survive the perennial Pit!

By Erica Roseman | Impressionist


How long have you been covering NYFW?



How many shows do you shoot in a season?


What is the longest time you’ve waited in The Pit for a show to start?



What shows do you most look forward to during NYFW?



Where do you go to decompress after the last show?



Jennifer Graylock photo with Karolina

Jennifer Graylock

1 | I have been covering New York Fashion Week since 1999.

2 | It varies, but, typically, 60 + shows covering runway and backstage beauty.

| It was the infamous Marc Jacobs show, when Beyonce arrived 2 hours late. We thought she caused the show to be delayed, only to learn later that the clothing was held up in customs. Since that show, Marc Jacobs has a strictly enforced start time.

| I love the creativity and artistry of Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, The Blonds, Marchesa, Carolina Herrera and Rodarte.

| In February, I decompress in Los Angeles photographing the Oscars. In September, I get away with a trip to some beautiful, relaxing location with a warm climate, fantastic views, great food, friends – and no celebrities!


Bill Marpet

Bill Marpet

1 | In 1978, as a freelance cameraman for VideoFashion, shooting Eleanor Lambert’s “Press Week at the Plaza” for Halston, Bill Blass, Norma Kamali, and others. My first wife Esti, a wonderful cameraman who still shoots for me, and I rotated being on camera and directing.

2 | B Productions produces videos for about 120 designers each season. I direct or shoot about 35-40 a week myself.

3 | I’m lucky. I direct from a control room now, my shooters are in the pit, standing room or front row. The longest wait was the Marc Jacobs show at the Armory many years ago. I kind of remember it was an 8pm show that went off around 10:30pm.

4 | Love all our clients’ shows, and all their clothes.

5 | B Productions/bLive has a wrap party as a way of thanking our crew and producer, editors and staff for their long, hard hours and good work.

Alessandro Lucioni

Alessandro Lucioni

1 | I started covering NYFW Sept. 10, 2001, 1 day before a dramatic day. So I re-started actually in February 2002.

2 | For NYFW, my company, IMAXtree.com, produces images & videos for more than 150 fashion shows. I shoot at least 45 shows in one week.

3 | 1 hour and ten minutes.

4 | Oscar de la Renta.

5 | I go to the mountains, the Alps, to climb and ski. I’m an Alpinist.

Elizabeth Lippman

Elizabeth Lippman

1 | I don’t remember what my first season was, maybe 2000. I do remember some of the early lessons I learned! Like, don’t stand in or near Dan Lecca’s spot(s). Ever!

2 | 6-8 shows a day for the entire week, at my craziest time. Lately, I’ve been producing and directing video and shooting stills, which means fewer, bigger projects each season.

3 | Over 2.5 hours, cramped into a contortionist position, unable to leave to pee, with a barricade digging into my rib cage. I’ll give you three guesses what show that was…

4 | The big ones with famous faces and looks everyone will be buzzing about, like Alexander Wang; pretty, colorful and upbeat shows like Kors and DVF; hot designers like Jason Wu, Phillip Lim and Joseph Altuzarra. Plus, Jenny Packham and A Détacher.

5 | I always try to nail down a rosé with two of my fabulous stylist/editor friends who have also been scrambling around NYFW!