Forever 21 Turns their Holiday Campaign into a Family Affair

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Fast fashion retailer Forever 21 enlisted Daniel Jackson and stylist George Cortina to help them bring families together for their new 2015 holiday campaign. Those families being twin sisters, Ruth and May Bell, husband and wife Dae Na and Bo Ra Nam as well as Lukas Cabral, his mother Krystle Wilson, father Armando Cabral and uncle Fernando Cabral.

Forever 21 has yet to really explode their marketing muscle via digital, print, or even in-store imagery yet. Instead the tween retailer has dabbled with touches of visual creative for the past few years and in The Impression’s opinion testing the waters before making any serious media investments. We are hopeful they give themselves the gift of media for the holiday and move on to be the storytellers they can be.


Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-01 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-02 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-03 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-04 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-05 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-06 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-07 Forever-21-ad-advertisment-campaign-holiday-2015-the-impression-08

Photographer | Daniel Jackson
Models | Ruth Bell, Mary Bell, Dae Na and Bo Ra Nam, Lukas Cabral, Krystle Wilson, Armando Cabral, and Fernando Cabral
Stylist | George Cortina