Forever 21 Is Not Spooling Around!

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

Forever 21 has officially conquered the selfie game with their latest fan-involved social media project, the F21 Thread Screen.

In association with Brooklyn hardware development agency, Breakfast, the F21 Threadscreen involves a massive digitally synced billboard full of spinning spools of thread to turn and match whatever Instagram has the corresponding hashtag, #F21ThreadScreen. Need some clarification? That’s SEW no problem.

A year and a half ago, Forever 21 had hired Breakfast to construct this giant digital billboard made of cloth, wood, aluminum and much more – tallying up at around 200,000 parts with 6.7 miles of fabric, not to mention 6,400 wooden spools depicting rainbow ribbons that spin to change among 36 different colors and variances, with each spool serving as a single pixel in an 80-by-80 pixel image. In a nutshell, the 11 feet high, 9 feet wide and 3 feet deep F21 Thread Screen machine serves as a giant interactive mosaic, taking selfies to a whole new level and engaging consumers in a way that’s almost never been done before – Breakfast is known for their unique and imaginative hardware concepts, including a black and white pixelized street billboard which silhouetted passersby on the street. Pretty sweet.

The F21 Thread Screen is now up and running, 24 hours a day and all throughout next Tuesday, portraying Instagram photos hashtagged #F21ThreadScreen while cameras simultaneously stream them live at Submitters will also be sent auto-edited clips of their photos being transformed and re-created, courtesy of this awesome new project.