Frances Valentine Brings a Feel Good Spin on the Pesky House Fly


Creative force Andy Spade has crafted a new short film capturing the simple and ever so common dilemma of a single fly buzzing around one’s place of residence. The video was conceived by Andy while shooting a recent campaign for the new brand Frances Valentine, which he started with his wife and fellow creative Kate Valentine formerly known as Kate Spade. The film is written and executive produced by Andy Spade while direction is handled by Simon Hacker and it’s release coincides with the new Pre-Fall 2017 campaign by Frances Valentine featuring product from the new campaign.

The film stars model Maggie White as a woman with a tiny, but extremely annoying and very relatable problem on her hands; a single fly carelessly roaming her apartment. The film is similar in both premise and execution to the Breaking Bad episode “Fly” except it obviously takes place in an apartment rather than a meth lab and goes on for a much more bearable minute-and-a-half rather than the drawn out hour long episode of Breaking Bad. The short film makes similar use of frequent close-up shots and even a brief cut to the fly’s own perspective. The stellar sound design by Gilsub Choi is also of creative merit as it really draws you into the mini world of the girl’s apartment and you can almost feel the vibration of the fly buzzing in your ears making the audience want to crush the fly as badly as White does.

Andy Spade’s “The Fly” is a quirky and fun little visual treat with lots of entertaining little moments like the shot of White’s “Insect Artillery” closet which is loaded with all kinds of fly killing devices such as swatters, magazines and of course shoes by Frances Valentine. With their newest venture Andy Spade and Kate Valentine seem intent on simply doing whatever feels good, natural and fun to them and this whimsical attitude is a major boon to this film and the new campaign as a whole.



Writer | Andy Spade
Director | Simon Hacker