Gucci’s Eyewear Nirvana, Spring 2017 Film


Gazing into Gucci’s latest fashion film, director Petra Collins transports us into a fantasy land full of magic and surrealist “visuals,” encapsulating the designs behind Gucci’s Spring 17 eyewear line. Featured frames showcase bold, vintage-turned futuristic looks, large framing, and jewels for days.

The film stars Collins’ actual family members, her Nana and two cousins. Her vision takes a glance into their home along the relaxing countryside of Budapest. Things quickly go from calm into a wanderlust exploration, as Collins taps into the infinitely imaginative minds of children – more specifically channeling her own childhood memories. A magic portal is discovered by the children, bringing them on an adventure into an alternate universe, where Nana becomes an idolized rock-star guitarist.

A feeling of nostalgia can’t help but overwhelm you, as the kids innocently run into another world to frolic through the beautiful landscapes of the film’s inspired location. Last stop, we enter the ultimate Hungarian hangout – a grand bath house, where party people are rocking only the latest Gucci eyewear. Bringing dreamy surrealism and old imagination into the future, this is your #guccidreamscape.



Director | Petra Collins