Simmonds ltd. helps Gucci get in the gifting spirit


With the advent of so many major holiday adverts from the likes of massive retailers with seven figure budgets, many a luxury brand can find themselves a tad lost in the holiday shuffle without the aid of solid art direction. Especially those houses that rely first on design and second on image. This season Gucci turned to their creative partner, Christopher Simmonds, to help the house show off holiday gift-ables and key items with their #GucciGift program.

Rather than build an emotional narrative, Simmonds ltd. teamed up with director Harley Weir to put gifts in motion through a combination of slow, fast, and stop motion techniques in their latest fashion film. The film is a merchant’s dream, as category after category of Gucci gift-ables, from fragrance to beauty to handbags to footwear, are on parade, all set against a holiday red backdrop while framed in the iconic Gucci forest green and red stripe.

While some may find the video too straightforward in its approach, especially given the plethora of emoting holiday films, The Impression celebrates that the house has a point of view. And a point of view that is building upon its design ‘alphabet’ to reinforce key branding design elements like the Gucci bee, stripe and monogram.

While many a luxury house has sat out the holiday film season, opting for safe and stale retargeting banner ads, we applaud the house’s desire to get off the bench and into the holiday image game. And for that we hope that Gucci’s holiday gifting season is bee-utifully bountiful.

Agency | Simmonds ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Director | Harley Weir
Models | Achok Majak, Allie Barrett, Laura Hagested, Laurie Harding & Rhiannon McConnell
Music | Physical Liaison by Clint Mansell