When it comes to a timeless collection at Gucci, time is of the essence.

By Jonathan Huynh | Impressionist

While many in fashion are suggesting a slower pace with fewer releases, the good team at Gucci has added another “pre” collection to the calendar with the release of their latest “pre Basel” watches.

The release gives a preview of Gucci timepieces that will appear at next year’s BaselWorld to be held in March. Seven years ago, the idea of a ‘Pre Fall’ and ‘Pre Spring’ was unheard of. With the demands of the market and the need of retailers for more frequency of deliveries, ‘Pre’ business is fairly good and for some design houses, a better return on investment. Cheaper to market, longer selling seasons and less returns. With this in mind, the house of Gucci has taken the initiative to share their forthcoming watch collection a tad early. It is all part of Alessandro Michele’s creative imprint on the house, designed to embrace their heritage while transforming the brand.

Resonating with the quirky tones of their Spring/Summer 16 collection, Michele focuses on their newest insignia, the honeybee motif, which has been engraved on the back of each case. The collection features Gucci’s heritage green-red-green stripe on both a sport and contemporary watch model. Michele placed the craftsmanship of the watches in forms of a bangle with a bold face and also with a calfskin G-frame emphasizing an edgier vibe.

While many may question if leaders in fashion can handle the fast pace, The Impression believes it is the new cost of doing business. With brands becoming entertainers, we expect more ‘pre’ collections to debut over the course of the year as time, and sales, wait for no one.