Guess Keeps You Guessing with new short film series

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Guess has released a new short film series to showcase four new styles of jeans in their new Smart Guess collection. The short film series is exactly that, as each segment in the series runs about 45 seconds and they are being teased out over the month of October.

Currently, two of the four 45-second length clips have been released, and mystery seems to be the subject. The series is directed by Aaron Rose and features Tony Ward and industry up-and-comer, Grace Elizabeth. The first clip is entitled “The Hustler” and the second one “The Temptress”; both project an eery, mysterious feel, making us want to “guess” the ending.

“The Hustler” shows a man and woman driving up to a quiet street, both seem to be trying to look very discreet, but appear to be working together. They look at each other with secrets in their eyes and slowly depart the car, the woman wearing the first of the four new Smart Guess jeans. The man slides a briefcase across the car to the woman and they both quietly walk into a house.

The second clip, “The Temptress,” begins with the man who appears to be the hustler, wearing disguised attire of a dark-colored top hat and suit. He walks quietly up the stairs and secretly into the temptress’s room. She is wearing the second new style of jeans from the collection, and she’s checking herself out in the mirror and talking on the phone, turned away from the door. He comes up behind her and she reacts as though she was expecting him. The screen goes black. What is their secret…

Guess just continues to keep us guessing with their short series. The mystery and wondering that they are portraying in their films is what is going to keep people coming back for more, people want to know how the story is going to end… we know we do. I “guess” we will just have to be wait and see what will happen next.



Director | Aaron Rose
Model | Tony Ward & Grace Elizabeth
Hair | Dean McDaniel
Make Up | Ashleigh Louer
Wardrobe | Megan Gray
Music | “Afternoon Delight” Kurt Uenala

Executive Producer |  Sue Yeon Ahn
Producer | Kimberly Stuckwisch
Production Supervisor | Rachel Straus
Art Director | Kevin Hardesty
Executive Creative Director | Tom Punch
Creative | Charlotte Japp
Head of Production | Sandra Miller
Producer | Nina Horowitz
Music Supervisor | Charlotte Von Kotze

Creative Director | Paul Marciano