By Danielle D’Onofrio | Impressionist

Guess is no stranger to the realization that the basis of a successful fashion company is a strong brand. Known for embracing the classic denim fabric and infusing it with sex appeal and old Hollywood glam, Guess’s latest video stays true to its brand roots.

The video opens with the classic Guess girl. She’s confident, gorgeous and, of course, extremely seductive as she playfully toys with her men. As we pan through different scenes of the Guess girl with her wind-blown hair, each model makes eye contact with the viewer as if to tease us and say, I know you’re watching. But The Impression has to ask the question of who?

The campaign’s videos have racked up ~3,500 YouTube views, leaving us to wonder if viewership is the consumers who are brand loyal, or the industry itself. Guess isn’t alone in this challenge, as more and more brands are developing fashion films of merit. But is it enough to have quality content without media support to draw viewership? Sure, some videos have less of a need than others, like Guess’ Gia Hadid video due to her celeb appeal, but what of the videos without all that buzz? Should those videos be relegated to organic impression growth by simply being posted and hoping for some word of mouth? Guess is one of fashion’s most powerful brands, with a healthy media budget that generates envy among more than a few houses. One would hope that a sliver of that budget is allocated to media behind their videos, as all that content is too good to leave to the strategy of ‘hope.’

So while the girls in the Guess videos might be watching us ……. we will be watching them. And hopefully more of them.

Creative Director | Paul Marciano
Photographer | Kayt Jones
Models | Samantha Hoopes, Grace Elizabeth
Camera Operator/Editor | Sergio Bautista
Music | “Habit is Happiness” by GG Riggs