Gucci’s Newest Fashion Film Featuring Guinness
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By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

No wonder why Gucci’s latest film is called “The Tastemaker”… Jack Guinness is looking pretty tasty. Although Guinness is a known style icon and always seems to look better than all of us, he looks even more dapper in Gucci’s new film, and with a surprising twist!

Rocking his signature beard with a suit and tie, the film follows him on his way to work. They highlight on his interest in music by showing him stopping at a record store on the way, which would eventually lead us to his occupation. He ends up being a DJ at a club, which surprised us a little bit, when you’re that dressed up… and in Gucci.

But Guinness expressed that he wears suits not because he has to, but because he wants to. “Every time a man puts on a suit he puts on the best version of himself. […] Suits are a great thing because whether you’re 17 or 70, it’s a classic, timeless thing,” he says.

We weren’t sure about his theory at first, but we at The Impression are advocates for always looking your best. Go Guinness in Gucci!