rag & bone presents ‘Hair’ an Unscripted Comment on Men’s Particularness about their hair


After much anticipation rag & bone has finally released their short film “Hair” to the public. The film directed by Golden Globe nominated actor John Turturro and starring himself alongside Emmy award winner Bobby Cannavale premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where it was an official submission, a first for the brand.

The film centers around an unscripted dialogue between Turturro and Cannavale about a man’s (specifically Cannavale’s) particularity about his hair. The fact that the dialogue is completely ad-libbed really does wonders for the film as it makes the conversation truly pop and feel real. The video doesn’t feel at all like an ad campaign rather it feels like a glimpse into the lives of two very interesting men who happen to be wearing rag & bone outfits while talking about their hair. This makes the film feel very grounded in reality as though you could walk into your local barbershop, happen to come across these two men, and accidentally listen in on their very real conversation.

The dialogue between Turturro and Cannavale also features some hilarious moments such as when Cannavale explains the relationship between cavemen and their hair and how it all relates to human evolution. These tufts of comedy are groomed to perfection by the two actors who have clearly mastered their respective deliveries. We hesitate to even call them actors here because it doesn’t even feel like watching a film it feels more like a behind-the-scenes look into the actors’ lives before filming even begins.

Writing real basic human conversations is genuinely one of the hardest things to do in film and rag & bone succeed spectacularly in this regard by foregoing writing altogether and simply letting two talented individuals go off on a tangent together. The striking realness of the dialogue is reminiscent of legendary conversations in film such as the opening diner scene in “Reservoir Dogs.” rag & bone and the combined creative minds behind the film have created something truly unique here; it is something more than a simple fashion film as the outfits take a back seat to the cinematography (shot by the acclaimed Fred Elmes) and the dialogue. These components all come together to create something truly distinct that perfectly combines the connected worlds of fashion and film.



Director | John Turturro

Executive Production Consultant | Tali Magal
Executive Producer | M SS NG P ECES
Production Supervisor | Christine Earl
Production Supervisor | Jon Simonetta

rag & bone Creative Director | Marcus Wainwright
rag & Bone VP Creative | Marissa Kraxberger
rag & Bone Producer | Candice Hernstad

AD | Arle Bordas
2nd AD | Abbey Hansen
Director of Photography | Fred Elmes
1st AC | Michael “Beau” Grantland
2nd AC | Ashton Greene
DIT | Tom Gilmour

Gaffer | Haroun Lbn-Mock
Electric | Darcy Schlitt
Key Grip | Chris Weisehan
VTR | Jimmy Mulhollan
Sound | Erik Whitestone
Location Manager | Jamal Noni

Makeup | Tania Ribalow
Hair Stylist | Harry Josh

Wardrobe | Marcus Wainwright / rag & bone

Post | Gloss VFX
Editor | Antoine Mills
Colorist | Sean Ross
Post Production | Alan Balian & Victoria Clifton
Lead Flame Artist | Josh Laurence
Audio Mix | Color Audio Post NY
Audio Mixers | JD Heilbronner & Jeff Rosner

Special Thanks | Raja Sethuraman & Magnus Andersson – Gloss