Hermés continues to push the digital front

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

As the holiday unfolds we are witnessing a separation of sorts, those who see digital leading the charge and those that digital is an afterthought. The house of Hermés is clearly part of the former as exemplified by the launch of their recent micro-site aptly named Hermèsistible!

The site is a combination of sophisticated wordplay with made up words and their definitions combined with witty images that show off the houses range of holiday items. The copywriting and art direction is sublime with innovative new words such as “Jalousele: a spark of envy in a shade of green,” or “Impulcie: a fleeting guilt when indulging a whim of childlike pleasure.” While the definition alone are hysterical, the accompanying images really drive the point home as a exampled by the image of a well accessorized woman joyfully popping bubble wrap for “Impulcie.”

Hermés is an example of a house that thinks digital first; digital shorts flood their site all year, they introduced men’s focused Web site — Le MANifeste d’Hermès in September, and just last month the house unveiled the most coveted smartwatch of the season in partnership with Apple. And for this we believe that Hermés is very “Techsavié: a house that is thinking ahead.”

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