H&M partners with musical artist M.I.A for World Recycle Week


In an admirable move by one of the largest producers of fast fashion, H&M has teamed up with musical artist M.I.A to raise awareness of their recycled garments program.  During this year’s World Recycle Week the retailer hopes to collect 1,000 tons of garments to create recycled textile fibers for new clothes.

To help spread the message the retailer partnered with M.I.A. who created an exclusive track ‘Rewear It’ to encourage viewers to join in on the recycling binge. H&M also developed an exclusive video featuring a diverse cast, including models Moffy and Cameron, which has garnered two million views in under a week.

To hammer home the point, H&M is sharing ‘re-haul’ clips featuring bloggers and characters from the music video, showing the pieces they will recycle during World Recycle Week.

H&M first launched the Garment Collecting program in 2013 giving away H&M vouchers in return for recycling unwanted clothes at their 3,600 locations from any brand and in any condition. The retailer also launched The Global Change Award in 2015 designed to reward ideas that reduce H&M’s impact on the environment.

The programs help offset criticism that fast fashion is disposable and one that retailers, such as Forever 21 and Zara, would be wise to pay close attention to. As for The Impression, we love the idea of second chances, be they lovers, careers, or simply clothing.