Jaime Kay Waxman, Fashion Stylist Interview

Fewer industries offer a broader arrange of career opportunities than fashion. In our ongoing series, The Impression highlights some of the industry’s most talented people and interesting jobs.

What stylist/photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?
Derek Ridgers, Danny Lyon, Diane Arbus, Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplethorpe, Joel Peter Witkin, Peter Beard, Gerhard Richter, Inez & Vinoodh, Nan Goldin, Sarah Moon, Philip Lorca diCorcia, Araki, Corinne Day, Pierre Molinier, Mario Sorrenti, Hedi Slimane… In no particular order.

Photo | Simon Cave

What makes for a great styled story?
Reference and research; I think spending time finding out who your character is gives a story noticeable depth and keeps your narrative concise.

What sort of impact do you think digital has on styling?
Research. I hear a lot people complain about Instagram and overwhelming digital content in general, but I think it’s an invaluable tool for research, discovery of new artists, talent, etc. It’s an incredible asset.

What do you think of fashion styling today and where it is going?

We are in a moment of extreme change. I think we often forget fashion is first and foremost a business, so it will continue to evolve as such. Technology has had an immense impact on fashion and in turn styling. Print media is tapering off, but I think the exclusivity and romance of print will hopefully remain intact. That however sadly comes second to selling clothes.

Favorite film
‘The Hunger’

What type of impression do you want to make?
A thoughtful one; I want to have one foot in fashion, one foot in art. I want images I participate in to have a sense of intelligence.

Jaime Kay Waxman is a Fashion Stylist on the The Impression Biannual Vol. 2