JOHN VARVATOS partners with STEPHEN NIEDZWIECKI of agency Yard to remind everyone that it is a long way to the top if you want to Rock


“Long Live Rock” is always front in center in John Varvatos’ mind – especially when planning the styles for his ad campaigns and who fronts them. But for his Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, he focused on the idea of celebrating the reasons behind why Rock is so timeless – it’s all about freedom, individuality, and rebellion that show you that you can achieve the impossible.

For the Spring 2016 campaign, Varvatos and long-time creative collaborator, Stephen Niedzwiecki of agency Yard, brought the focus less on the rock-star than the star of the world of Varvatos, the product. Called “Rebel Spirit”, the campaign’s sheer focus is on the authenticity of the designs, which rocks just as hard as any other John Varavatos campaign. Shot by Billy Kidd, model Sid Ellisdon is featured in the black and white images.

The Impression is a fan of rock for both its ability to roll as well as disrupt. While it is wise to cleanse the palette with a bit of classical every once in a while to remind everyone of the core foundation, no one sells out a stadium playing classical. We like to think of this as a year or so long solo side project, before the band gets back together to remind us that “Rock is Dead. Long Love Rock.”

Agency |  Yard
Creative Director |  Stephen Niedzwiecki
Art Director |  Jarrell Fudickar
Producer |  Sara Harper
Photographer/Director |  Billy Kidd
Video Editor |  Modern Post
Stylist | John Varvatos
Tailor |  Carlis Pistol
Groomer |  Kenna Konnor