John Varvatos, Stephen Niedziecki of agency Yard, and Danny Clinch stir up some trouble for Spring 2017


The original meaning of “rock-n-roll” has always inspired the creative work for John Varvatos. Creative Director Stephen Niedzwicki of Yard, Photographer Danny Clinch, and Varvatos have worked their magic again capturing Vintage Trouble in their spring 2017 campaign. Having photographed nearly every iconic rock-n-roll band, Varvatos returned to their classic roots by shooting Hozier for Fall 2016. Although Vintage Trouble is a lesser-known band, they have the energy and overall identity of the John Varvatos brand.

One can define the word ‘Trouble’ as the ability to stir things up mentally or spiritually. It’s what the John Varvatos brand has been doing for years. This season, we wanted to create content that does exactly that, using a lesser-known band and letting their soulful and very explosive performance do the talking. For those who don’t know them, will want to, and crave more.

- Stephen Niedzeiecki

Varvatos continues its “Rock is Dead. Long Live Rock,”slogan in all its punk glory while filming Vintage Trouble’s lead singer, Ty Taylor pounding home the point with his kinetic energy.  Bringing back the edge with cool sophisticated, rock-n-roll style, the campaign brings a fun, energized atmosphere, making us feel like a groupie and wanting to be a part of the trouble as well.


Agency | YARD
Creative Director | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Art Director | Jarrell Fudickar
Photographer/ Director | Danny Clinch
Talent | Vintage Trouble